You’re the Cure: My Advocate Heart Health Story

IMG_8967My name is Katelynne and I was diagnosed with Bradycardia a few years back.  Bradycardia is a slow heart beat – less than 60 beats per minute.  Despite my condition, I remain extremely active both at school and in the community. I am currently a senior in high school and captain of the Varsity Dance team.  Recently, I was crowned Miss Teen Indiana International and will compete in the Miss Teen International Pageant this summer.

I want to use my experience as Miss Teen Indiana International to give back by educating others that you can remain active with a heart condition if your maintain your heart health effectively. I love spending time volunteering with various organizations including the American Heart Association by helping to create awareness and advocate for heart health.   My school and charity work along with my active lifestyle illustrate that no one should let a heart condition hold them back. Eating healthy, staying active, and helping to educate others is what I strive for!

My story along with many others is LIVE on the American Heart Association Website today!~ Read more here.

Katelynne Recognized by the Avon Community School Board

Katelynne Recognized by the Avon Community School Board

Katelynne was recognized this evening by the Avon Community School Board for winning the title of Miss Teen Indiana International & serving as a teen spokesperson for the American Heart Association.  She was awarded a letter of recognition by the … Continue reading

Avon School Board Recognizing Katelynne Newton for International Title

School Board Invite

The Avon Community School Board has invited Katelynne to their March 10th Board meeting to recognize her title and her work as Miss Teen Indiana International.  We are very excited to be honored this way and cannot wait to attend!

Thank you Dr. Hoernemann for the recognition and the invitation.

I love my school!