Ways to Find Great Deals

Here's my $6 Goodwill Score...

Here’s my $6 Goodwill Score…

Who doesn’t love a great deal? Most people make a living or part-time job on finding deals. I have some tips on how to get a great deal and how to save money.

First, check your local Goodwill, Plato’s Closet, and consignment shops. Look around and see if there is anything you are looking for. If you cannot find what you are looking for just look around and check your sizes first. It doesn’t hurt to check around because bargains always come up when you least expect it.

If at Goodwill, I check everywhere because you never know what you can find. I have found a $100 dress for $6, found a wooden basket and used as a pencil holder for my desk, I have made old jeans into shorts, and I have found very cheap things and made into neat new things. If you check any Pinterest account there is tons of DIY with Goodwill finds.

If it is a clothing store like Plato`s or a consignment store, then you have to take the time and look through things to find deals. I usually look through my sizes and if it isn’t under $10 I don’t consider it. Sometimes I will walk around the store with things in my hand and end up buying completely different items because I found better deals.

Great deals come and go and its good to always be on top of sales of stores. I like to always buy something on sale but if it is something I have to have then I buy it of course. Bargain shopping is become a popular trend that stores will do anything to make you stop by. Make sure you are watching the sale going on. Check the original price and compare to the sale price. A considered “good” sale is 40% or more off of the original price. Always do your research when dealing with bargain shopping; especially when you have a device right in front of you that can tell you a lot about the value of the product.

Hope these tips help you score awesome bargains. Always remember to do your research, look at items that you originally didn’t come in for, and keep an open mind while bargain shopping.


10 Things to do while home for the Summer from college

6a00e54f8145b888340176168c62ef970cVisit with family

It is important to always spend time with family because no matter what you have going on in life they will always been there for you, mentally and physically.


Putting away stuff from your college room can be hard because you have twice as much room and stuff now. Start early in the summer, and each day do a little more to help with the load.

Spend time with old friends

You’ve spent all year away from each other, and it is nice to catch up with some old friends.

Casual Reading

It helps keep your brain cells moving so when you return to school you are ready to learn.

Practice writing your name

I have always done every summer because sometimes it is hard to do the easiest task because you have not done any writing or reading.

Get a job

Summer can seem long and boring, but getting a job will help the summer go by faster. There are tons of jobs to apply for such as; retail store, grocery store, movie theatre, babysitting, nanny, or fast food.

Go outside

It’s nice outside be sure to go out and get some fresh air.

Take pictures to remember the memories

Have fun and take pictures to remember the fun!

Plan and Prepare for school

Whether it is school supplies, clothes, or dorm furniture to get for the school year.

Relax and enjoy

It is break so remember to relax and get rested up for the school year


5 Thoughts That Come To Me While in Target

32791903507095804_FznStMgU_cOne of the most common places that young adults and moms shop is Target. The Target.com information states that the median age of guests is 40 and the average income is 64K. Target is home to many things including apparel, food, office, home, and upfront food stops. My thoughts while in target are based  just about every time I take a trip to my local Target. I am usually not in any hurry therefore I could take hours in my local Target just looking around and buying things that I do not need or have convinced myself that I do need in order to survive.

1. I head straight towards the apparel. I check for sales first and then base the rest of my target trip on that. There cheap t-shirts and tanks are a frequent stop. The comfy clothes are always in my closet!

2. Second, I will lean towards the active and socks. As a dancer I always need new socks. They are great gifts and so stylish with all their different designs!

3. The next stop will be to check out the new make up along with the new handbags. I can always use either and end up buying something while in this section of Target. While at this point I am thinking to myself how much I have spent and how much left I can spend without going into debt. On a college students debit card is a lot smaller than the Moms that come in and don’t have a limit.

4. While thinking, holding, and walking around leisurely I start to get hungry and head towards the food aisle. I realize that I am craving something like Qdoba or a cheese pizza.

5. So then I think that I need pencils; You can never have too many pencils especially during the school year. I look towards the cute decorative office supplies while storing up for the school year. After I have looked the whole store and spent most of my paycheck, I decide its time to go and that I probably need to head home and do something more productive.

Although impulse buying is fun and “relaxing” it can hurt your bank account and leave you with a big bill. Always watch what you spend on your account and plan ahead.

Read more here…

Until next time-Happy Shopping!


Rushing Home to my Forever Home

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Going Greek isn’t always the first thing girls think about when they go to college. Some girl’s focus on school, boys, or partying and don’t even think about rushing to a forever home. I signed up for recruitment the second it was opened in August. I was so excited to make new friends that would last a lifetime, learn new things about an organization, and be apart of something that “Isn’t for 4 years, its for life”. When you first move in all Greeks come together and help you move in. I had a group of girls from Alpha Sigma Alpha move me in and they were obsessed with all my brand new dorm stuff that I got at Target of course. They immediately asked if I was rushing and I had told them I had thought about it.

The Greek system has many events leading up to recruitment. I went to a Greek carnival and a Greek fair explaining what all the organizations are about. The week of recruitment is tiring and a lot of talking. You start out at every house and then each night you narrow down until you have 2 left. Preference night is very emotional and it is when you choose who you think will fit you. I went to Sigma Kappa first then I went to Zeta Tau Alpha. Worried I wouldn’t get into Zeta I could barely talk. My big sister now talked to me at preference and I was so nervous. I was frozen in the moment because I wanted to be apart of this sisterhood. After preference you sit in a room with a bunch of girls and you wait until it is your turn to choose your home. I couldn’t sleep because I was too anxious and nervous. I could feel my heart beating through my stomach and thinking about how I would feel if I got either house. The day of bid day was so overwhelming but exciting at the same time. I awoke with my roommate and we ventured out to get breakfast at the commons. I could barely eat I was so nervous. I knew my roommate wanted a different sorority than I did, but we would still have fun and be friends. After getting ready and mentally preparing myself for the crowded room of girls anxiously waiting, I sat there on my bid for a whole hour. We had to wait because of some rules. Finally the moment had come to where I could open my bid. I read it and I saw Gamma Chi, which is my sororities’ chapter name. I was so confused I started crying because I thought I didn’t get the house I wanted. Until a rho gamma came over and explained that I received a bid from Zeta Tau Alpha. I immediately shifted tears from sad to happy tears.

Each group went in order to the fountain to where they would run to their house as a large group of screaming girls. I was group 3, so I had to wait behind 2 groups and I could feel my heart beating through my ears. Finally it was my group’s turn. We all lined up and I had clung to a girl I found that was also running to Zeta. I looked at Lindsey, my big sister and the girl who talked to me on preference night, and she looked so anxious. Her face was priceless and I will never forget running right to her and immediately crying because I was home. She had made me feel so welcomed and made me a part of something I will have for life. When girls say that their sorority is not “just for 4 years, its for life” I truly believe it. These girls mean the world to me and I would drop anything for any one of them. I know they would do the same. I have found my best friends and my future bridesmaids, long lasting fun nights to remember, and something to call home. I will never regret going Greek and I think that girls should consider it more because of what you get out of it. It has changed me for a better person and I like who I have become because it is something I am proud of.

~Thank you Zeta Tau Alpha|Gamma Chi|ISU~

Birthday on the Beach

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I had an excellent birthday celebration visiting Daytona Beach, Florida.  While it was still a bit cold, it was beautiful weather.  I was able to go horseback riding on the beach.  Great fun with family & friends.

Farewell from Miss Teen Indiana International 2014

2014-07-03 20.41.13As I write my farewell letter to close out my year as Miss Teen Indiana International; I can only remember all the great times I had.  I will cherish them forever. This letter is to highlight my year, no tears.

I began my journey the day after Christmas of 2013 with a phone call from Ms Mary Richardson saying, “Congratulations Katelynne, you were chosen as Miss Teen Indiana International 2014. I wish you all the best.” What a gift to receive!  Even then I did not realize the impact that this year would make on my life.  So, I would first like to thank Mary Richardson for the opportunity of a lifetime. The International Pageant system is an experience that means the world to me.  You have offered me an opportunity to share my message, the chance to improve myself personally and professionally, and the amazing chance to make new friends along the way.  I thank you for your encouragement, kind words, and support throughout my reign.  You are changing the lives of so many young women today, and for that I thank you.

One of the things that attracted me to the International Pageant system was the emphasis they place on giving back and finding a way to serve in your community whether it is on a local, national, or global scale.  As part of the process, I had to identify a cause in which to dedicate my time, and and with that in mind, I found a second home. The American Heart Association gave light to my title and to my life. I was so inspired with their belief in me and my power to change lives with my own heart story. Being diagnosed with a heart condition just means you have a bigger heart to give out more love, someone close told me that to make me not worry. When I was first diagnosed, it was a very scary time for me.  My family and I coped with it through education.  That is one of the reasons I chose the American Heart Association as my platform to give back.  By helping the AHA, I was able to share my story and keep learning along the way.  When people heard my story I felt like there was a renewed sense of hope within many across Indiana. Thank you for everything AHA, I will be eternally grateful.

Where would I be without my life-saving Nicole Pollard. You are not only my coach, but a trusted mentor and what I consider to be a true friend.  Thank you for the advice, coaching and friendship. You continuously support and believe in me, even when I didn’t. I don’t know where I would be without your advice and expertise. You are so talented and are giving girls so much in return. Thank you, and I love you so much.  I can’t wait to see what we work on next!

To the sponsors who gave their donations and their hearts to Miss Teen Indiana International, thank you. You dressed me, donated to my journey to Jacksonville, and gave your best expertise to make me a better teen contestant.  There were so many that it is tough to list you all, but know that my family and I appreciate all of your support during this last year.

The family and friends, who have sponsored and donated time and money to send me to Miss Teen International, thank you. Your contribution is appreciated and I wouldn’t have got as far as I did without your support. You all know who you are…

Chrissy, my little sister who would rather not claim me, Thank you for your calming thoughts during Miss Teen International and your endless support, even during your sweet sixteenth birthday.

To my crazy, yet loving parents who acted as manager, director, sponsor, and non-stop taxi for me- thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have no words to describe how much you have helped me flourish with my reign. The endless amount of love and encouragement you gave me was appreciated and will never be forgotten. I can always count on you and know you have my back. I remember my dad giving me a little kid crown before my first state pageant saying, “You will always be a princess to me” and I will never forget that moment. You guys always believed in me and put up with my mood swings when I was having my rough days. I love you both.

Thank you everyone. This year has taught me so much that I will continue to use in my lifetime. This past year has been rewarding and exciting combined with my graduation and journey to college.  I have BIG plans for 2015 and am currently working to achieve those goals both professionally and personally.  So for now, I bid you farewell as Miss Teen Indiana International 2014, but look for new adventures to come and wish me luck!


Katelynne Newton
Miss Teen Indiana International 2014