Heart Health

Heart HealthIn 2012, I was diagnosed with Bradycardia.  I had been spending time with family and I fainted out of the blue.  After a number of EKGs and cardiac ultrasounds the doctor found that my heart was enlarged and slowed.  She said that I had Bradycardia, that it was manageable and often found in very active teens and young adults.  She said the key was to maintain a heart healthy diet, remain active (but aware), and to continue educating myself about heart health.

It’s been a year since that diagnosis and I am doing very well.  I am no longer on heart medication and released to continue all of my regular activities.  This is great because I am a dancer and I am a member of our Varsity Dance Team.  I love to dance because I feel free when I am dancing and I love to bring joy to others.

I now hope to educate others about heart health and to volunteer with organizations that advocate for heart health in our community.  While learning of this condition was scary for me at first, I have since found that it has helped me improve my eating habits, created an awareness of my health, and helped me manage my activities to ensure I am not overdoing it.  I may have had Bradycardia, but I didn’t let it stop me!

If you would like to learn more about heart health visit one of the links I have provided in the right sidebar to read more!

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