The Leather Market in Florence, Italy



Leather is absolutely EVERYWHERE in Italy…. Especially in Florence. The leather market was started in Florence and then spread across Europe. Everywhere you go there will be a leather store or booth to buy something special for you. My first days in Florence I went to the leather market near the central market for fresh produce. It was booth after booth of wallets, purses, journals, belts; anything that could be leather was there.

Upon realizing that some stops could have “fake leather” I made wise choices about where I was getting my leather. If you could buy it for cheap then it probably was not authentic and possibly illegal.

One of the first things I bought in the leather market was a leather journal. I wanted a journal for my Wedding/ Event Planning class that I could keep for further reference. It has been of great use and is very fashionable!

One evening after a long day of shopping with my mom; we stumbled across a store called “Jimmy’s”. We had passed this shop all week and every time there was a lady outside asking us to just come inside and take a look. Usually we were on our way somewhere and did not have the time or thought that is was just a scam like many vendors can be.

After going inside and meeting our sales associate in the store, Johnny, we grew quite fond of him. Johnny welcomed us and took the time to get to know us.  Upon learning that I was studying fashion, he knew just the styles for me.  He brought out coat after coat all with great style until I found the one.

After over an hour of trying leather jackets on and having amazing customer service; I found a black “biker style” leather jacket that fits like a glove. It is shown in the images! Thank you to the crew at Jimmy`s as the experience of a lifetime in a leather shop. Many thanks to Johnny for picking out the perfect jackets and sharing your story with us. I am happy to have made a friend.

If you are ever in Florence and need a leather jacket, hit up Jimmy`s-they are not only stylish and quality leather products, but they are friendly people that want to give back.

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