Why I dance for the kids…

On Saturday, March 5th 2016 I participated in my first Riley Children Hospital Dance Marathon. I danced for 7 hours at Indiana State University with only minimal breaks. I dance for the kids who can’t.

I was interviewed during dance marathon and after “Why did you sign up to do dance marathon?”. My response was always the same; I have never been a part of this amazing foundation and wanted to raise money for the kids because this is something bigger than myself. I was diagnosed with heart disease at age 15 and even though I wasn’t treated at Riley, I want young girls to get the treatment so they don’t get a heart disease like I did.” Most are shocked by my response because as a 1st year participant I have such a strong connection and dedication towards this foundation.

Throughout the night we had guest speakers talk about their Riley journeys and it was so powerful that I want to go and help anyway I can. I am so excited for next years dance marathon at Indiana State University.

Although my body hurts days after the event it was well worth it because overall the ISU Dance Marathon raised $51,693.51!! Why do you dance for the kids?

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