What Being a Big Sister Means to Me

imgresThe Chances for Youth program Big Brothers Big Sisters in Terre Haute has given me a chance to be another big sister. I applied about a year ago and after a background check, interview, and a few training exercise I was ready to be matched! It took 4 months for them to find a perfect little for me, and they sure did. She is a complete ray of sunshine.

My little loves to dress up, play outside, watch movies, and go on car rides. She’s very adventurous and has a lot of energy. We have so much in common and that is why the Big Brothers Big Sisters program is great at what they do! She loves to get in my car and eat fruit snacks while listening to rap music; it sounds strange but she knows all the words.

I also do things for her like teaching manners, going over how to spell, learning good habits, and simple life lessons. I often try to challenge her because she is extremely smart and knows her stuff. I will always throw out big words for her to spell and with a little help she is getting better everyday.

We have gone to eat a few times in the quads at ISU. She loves the food and especially the ice cream there. She once told me, “Katie, I don’t know why the boys are mean to me at school.” I laughed a little and explained that if they are mean it usually means they like you. Her reaction was priceless. I love being able to see a smile on a child’s face by just the small things. Whether I have made her laugh or she is having a great time learning new things.

Everyday is an obstacle and everyday is a new chapter in our lives that we share. We grow and learn together. One thing I have learned most from the program is patience. It isn’t about what you want; it is about what the child wants and needs. She comes first at the end of the day. I love spending time with my little one thanks to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program.

I have loved being a Big Sister this past year and look forward to many years to come!


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