Farewell from Miss Teen Indiana International 2014

2014-07-03 20.41.13As I write my farewell letter to close out my year as Miss Teen Indiana International; I can only remember all the great times I had.  I will cherish them forever. This letter is to highlight my year, no tears.

I began my journey the day after Christmas of 2013 with a phone call from Ms Mary Richardson saying, “Congratulations Katelynne, you were chosen as Miss Teen Indiana International 2014. I wish you all the best.” What a gift to receive!  Even then I did not realize the impact that this year would make on my life.  So, I would first like to thank Mary Richardson for the opportunity of a lifetime. The International Pageant system is an experience that means the world to me.  You have offered me an opportunity to share my message, the chance to improve myself personally and professionally, and the amazing chance to make new friends along the way.  I thank you for your encouragement, kind words, and support throughout my reign.  You are changing the lives of so many young women today, and for that I thank you.

One of the things that attracted me to the International Pageant system was the emphasis they place on giving back and finding a way to serve in your community whether it is on a local, national, or global scale.  As part of the process, I had to identify a cause in which to dedicate my time, and and with that in mind, I found a second home. The American Heart Association gave light to my title and to my life. I was so inspired with their belief in me and my power to change lives with my own heart story. Being diagnosed with a heart condition just means you have a bigger heart to give out more love, someone close told me that to make me not worry. When I was first diagnosed, it was a very scary time for me.  My family and I coped with it through education.  That is one of the reasons I chose the American Heart Association as my platform to give back.  By helping the AHA, I was able to share my story and keep learning along the way.  When people heard my story I felt like there was a renewed sense of hope within many across Indiana. Thank you for everything AHA, I will be eternally grateful.

Where would I be without my life-saving Nicole Pollard. You are not only my coach, but a trusted mentor and what I consider to be a true friend.  Thank you for the advice, coaching and friendship. You continuously support and believe in me, even when I didn’t. I don’t know where I would be without your advice and expertise. You are so talented and are giving girls so much in return. Thank you, and I love you so much.  I can’t wait to see what we work on next!

To the sponsors who gave their donations and their hearts to Miss Teen Indiana International, thank you. You dressed me, donated to my journey to Jacksonville, and gave your best expertise to make me a better teen contestant.  There were so many that it is tough to list you all, but know that my family and I appreciate all of your support during this last year.

The family and friends, who have sponsored and donated time and money to send me to Miss Teen International, thank you. Your contribution is appreciated and I wouldn’t have got as far as I did without your support. You all know who you are…

Chrissy, my little sister who would rather not claim me, Thank you for your calming thoughts during Miss Teen International and your endless support, even during your sweet sixteenth birthday.

To my crazy, yet loving parents who acted as manager, director, sponsor, and non-stop taxi for me- thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have no words to describe how much you have helped me flourish with my reign. The endless amount of love and encouragement you gave me was appreciated and will never be forgotten. I can always count on you and know you have my back. I remember my dad giving me a little kid crown before my first state pageant saying, “You will always be a princess to me” and I will never forget that moment. You guys always believed in me and put up with my mood swings when I was having my rough days. I love you both.

Thank you everyone. This year has taught me so much that I will continue to use in my lifetime. This past year has been rewarding and exciting combined with my graduation and journey to college.  I have BIG plans for 2015 and am currently working to achieve those goals both professionally and personally.  So for now, I bid you farewell as Miss Teen Indiana International 2014, but look for new adventures to come and wish me luck!


Katelynne Newton
Miss Teen Indiana International 2014

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