How to Deal with Stress When You Are Too Busy

imagesThe most important thing to think about is that you take on what you personally can handle. I have found many activities that keep me busy and that can sometimes be hard on a person. My senior year I took on being on the varsity dance team, being a secretary for National Honors Society of Dance Arts, pageants and eventually becoming Miss Teen Indiana International, and all the responsibilities that go with a title. On top of all of this, I had to focus on school and squeeze in time for friends and family. Keeping myself busy led to great achievements and I wouldn’t change a thing. There is a time where I got super stressed and needed ways to help. I will inform you of 3 steps to deal with stress.

Step #1- Always keep a positive outlook on your busy schedule and towards your peers. When we get stressed out we tend to take it out on others and that leads to conflict if that person doesn’t realize what kind of stress you are put under. By staying positive you can get further with people and be able have many connections to where peers will help.

Step #2- Take everything one step at a time. It’s great to be able to multi-task but you need to have times to breathe. I always made sure I would get enough sleep and plenty to eat so I wouldn’t pick up any bad habits. By taking your obligations one step at a time you can do the job more efficiently, and that will create a more positive outcome.

Step #3- Make sure you give yourself a break every now and then. If you are handling a lot; over time it will catch up to you. If you are doing homework take a break and go for a walk, If you are working on a big project and are stuck, go out with friends or family, or if you are stressed out about a big competition take a small nap to just recollect your thoughts and relax.

The most important thing to remember is to relax and have fun. It’s not healthy to put too much stress on yourself, so if you are feeling stressed I hope you find my three easy tips to stay stress-free helpful.

Sincerely yours,

Katelynne Newton
♕♛ Miss Teen Indiana International ♕♛

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