What’s Next: A whole new world…

imagesThe change from living at home to living in a dorm with a new best friend…the transition to College

Living at home is thought of as being warm and having everything you could need. I love being home with my family and spending time watching movies. This past month I moved to Indiana State University where I found my home for the next four years. Ever since I stepped foot on this campus I fell in love with it because of the culture and the surrounding people who make it so warm.

I recently moved into Hines Hall. I moved in with a new best friend and we are loving sharing a space together. Luckily we got the premium dorms and have our own bathroom and a walk-in closet that has so much space and room to hangout.  Pretty rare for college dorms, so we are excited about that.  We love our neighbors and always have our door open to meet new people.

Starting classes was an adjustment from high school.  Having a schedule that is condensed in some areas and wide open in others…I can see that I am really going to have to learn to be effective with my time. I am so excited to start learning about my major. Indiana State cares so much about their Fashion majors and helps us with everything and anything we need. The program is growing and the more students they can get,  the more the faculty they can get as well. I’m so excited to begin a new chapter in my life here at Indiana State and then in my career. Thank you all who have supported me in my journey and who keep supporting me towards my dreams.  I will still be out and about on occasion!  In fact, you can find me this weekend at the American Heart Association’s Annual Heart Run/Walk 5K.  I will be there handing out superhero capes, sharing my story and cheering the athletes and families on.  Come visit me and you too can have a ton of fun celebrating your heart heroes.  And last but certainly not least, I am excited to have just complete Sorority Rush Week and am thrilled to be a Zeta Tau Alpha Pledge.  I will share more about that in my next post.

Miss Teen Indiana International 2014 ♕ ♚ ♛

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